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These are liks of websites that I visit either often, or a website that I suggest you check sometime. Warning, some content in some of the websites may not be suitable for all viewers. I am not liable for any content not found on my website. I'll give fair warning to any webpage that may have questionable content.

Description: Hyper Boy started off as a comic and is now going into flash animations. The maker Gene Goldstein, has stopped making comics. The story is that Gene's buddy Mike makes a suit called the: "Hyper Suit" which allows his to be a strong fighter when he eats candy, this makes him go into "Hyper"-mode. So he lives a normal life (as normal as it can get) with plenty of gags, action, storyline, and character. Be sure to check it out, its pretty cool. Neophytes Rating: 4/5

Description: Home Star Runner is a flash made website from the genious Chap Brothers. It has plenty of hilarious Flash animations, flash games, and plenty of other cool tid-bits you should watch out for. If its the first time you've ever been there, be sure to click on the first time here button. Neophyte's Rating: 5/5

Description: A website holding animations made by Legendary Frog with help of Chris Boe. Leon maintains the website and the forum holding the Lilypad. Legendary Frog a.k.a. Joseph Blanchette is the creator of a bunch of characters. The first character is Kerrigan, second is Ark, third is Senya, and the fourth is Sal. Not only does Joseph make cartoons with these four characters, but he also likes to makes animations parodying movies, and videogams/systems. These are very funny, very great to watch. Neophyte's Rating: 5/5

Description: A hilarious webcomic made by Ian J. This comic makes light of RPG games, especially the Final Fantasy games made by Square-enix. The style of artwork is awesome, the storyline it self is hilarious, plenty of great humour, the characters are hilarious, there is a lot of action, this is a comic worth reading. Warning: Some of the content in this webcomic may not be suitable for younger viewers. Neophyte's Rating 5/5

Description: A website holding animations, and drawings made by Brian Schmoyer. The work done by Brian Schmoyer is very good. There is a lot of effort and work put in. He also has some animations that are in the state of work in-progress but they will be done sometime, I suggest you check out this website. There is some cool stuff here. Warning: Some of the content on some of work may not be suitable for younger viewers. Neophyte's Rating 4/5

Description: John and Richie are two brothers that make flash animations, their main serie of flash animations is called: Perfect Kirby a hilarious series that has a lot of humour, action, parodying games, and movies. It is very well done :) Warning: Some of the content should not be viewed by younger viewers. Neophyte's Rating 4.5/5

Description: This is my brothers website, my brother is the one who helped build this website. Here is his personal space, he holds his flash animations (older and newer), his php stuff, his music stuff and such. Lets just say its got a variety of stuff there. Neophyte's Rating... 3/5

Description:This another website of my brother Allan a.k.a. Nixopax. This a webstie that holds a bunch of abstract backgrounds he's made in photoshop. You have to buy them to get them now though. There are some very kewl backgrounds there and I'm not encouraging anyone to buy his backgrounds. Neophyte's Rating 3.5/5

Description: This is a website was founded and made by Michael Smither. This website gives information out, tells top stories, and keeps you informed with whats happening regarding hockey. This is a good website and you should check it out sometime. Neophyte's Rating 3/5


Description: Neptune Circle is a website where Rocky Pinnacle and John Mazz hold their flash animations and games. Jag3k maintains the website and fixes any problems that Rocky and John might come up with. Captain Vern is as they say "our one-person music making army"; not all songs are made by Captain Vern that they use but she does make the songs that they would like to be original. The movies are pretty good with a lot of wacky characters and a funny story. Neophyte's Rating 4/5