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Mon January 30, 2006 4:34 PM

Well, been a bit since anything for this website. Well lately I've been on Sheezyart, a lot of the time. I've got a few more watchers and I've even made my own club. Nothing is really happening with that at the moment. I don't expect people to join any time soon. Hopefully people will join later when I can help them more. Anyways everything is fine. I've had a lot of motivation and inspiration to work on flash animations. I even made a list of ideas I wanted to do. I'll show them here now for those that'd like to see ^_^ :


Flash Movies
-Ninja Show - Music Video
-WWII Medal fo Bravery - Music Video (ish)
-Avernum Story - Video
-Geneforge Spoof -Video
-School for VG charactes (sprite, mostly nintendo...) - Video
-Custom Robo - Music Video
-Anime Cartoon (episodes (how many ???) Credits-Music Video) - ???
-Cowboy Shootout [or] Cowboys vs US Marshal - Music Video (ish)
-Anime Short - Music Video
-Cyborg Mishap- Music Video
-Japaneze or Chinese - Music Video
Flash Games
-Teen Titans battle (In the near or far future...)

Talk about a lot of ideas. I've already started on the Anime Short, but I'm stuck... I need to draw anime!... So thats all I can say for that. Everything else is pretty much in a ditch at the moment. I still have to pull it out of the ditch... which may take some time... I'm hopefully going to post pics I've done in the future (near).


On other news... I had exams and booyah! Totally easy! Its amazing what paying attention in class and listening (oh noes! I listen! 0_0 ) can do to help you out. It was the only exam I had to do regarding exam week (Yahoooo!!!). I go back on Friday though :( Oh well its a half day ( ^_^ ) which means I get to leave half an hour before school is over thanks to 4th lunch!... Unless the school decides differently... -_-


Well hope you all have a good day!


Until next time, go have a banana!

-Neophyte aka Aaron Clark

Wed January 11, 2006 3:18 PM

I've got a lot more in the Links section now, a lot more!... I won't have the pics up really soon unless I spend the time to do so, I might put something up for Flash soon, I'm gonna have the conatct page changed. I'll have my brother help me out with that. And the about me... I'll fix that later. Hope you all have a good week!

Sun January 8, 2006 12:59 PM

Well I've updated my site now. There will be more links in the links page, and I mean lots more... So for now I'll be adding links to the links page, I'll add pics to the pics page soon and add my sheezyart page. The contact page will be different a lot different. I'll update the about page as well it'll have more information on my "CLASSIFIED" life... which is actually unclassified... XD

Not too much is happening in my forum but I hope it'll become alive soon.Have a good time, today is in fact the last day before I go to school. Yep thats right I'm going back to highschool life.


Sat January 7, 2006 8:54 PM

Hello there, been awhile since I've done anything with this site, but meh... Well I'll be working on it later on, if not now!... Most likely later ^^; But rest a sure it'll be done... eventually... I'll have stuff (yesh stuff XD) in all of the pages, don't expect anything in the flash page worth viewing that is awesome for a looooong time... seriously 0_0...

Expect lots of links in the link page... hopefully ^_^.

I'll post some of my drawings in the pics page as well (duh ^^;).

The forum... well.. it has a few members but is pretty much dead. I hope it'll be alive some time soon.

I'll add contact info as well later. So all my fans can e-mail me (lol jk). Seriously though I'll post something in there.

The about page... well I'll put something in there, just not now. I'll get a pic of myself (after I get a hair cut) and you can all see me, and get to know me... even if some of you may know me...

So thats all the news for now... thank you for coming here....

Also I'd like to thank my brother for making this template. If it wasn't for him... well... lets just say I wouldn't have a site lol XD. You can view his website, here is the URL... I'll add it to the links page later.

-Neophyte ^_^